Am I a Baby Bore?

The time has come to admit it. I’ll finally admit I’m a baby bore. I vowed I never would be but here we are almost three years later and my social media is flooded with photos of my son.

In my pre-baby days, I’d actually hate to see other peoples’ kids on my newsfeed. Even going as far as deleting repeat offenders. I really love kids but I’d wonder if there was just nothing more to that person if all they could talk about was their children!

However, I’ve come to realise you absolutely can’t understand until you have a child of your own. Everything they do makes you proud and you feel the need to share it with the world. His first day at nursery, his first hair cut, a new outfit, a funny thing he’s said, my friends list hears about it.

It used to make me cringe pressing ‘post’ imagining someone I used to work with five years ago or someone I talked to once on a night out rolling their eyes and thinking ‘bloody hell she’s a boring cow obsessed with her kid’ but I’ve come to the realisation that absolutely zero shits are given anymore. Not one single shit.

It’s my social media and there for me to post things that are important to me or to decide what I want to share. My newsfeed is full of photos of people on holiday or new cars or nights out and that’s fine because that’s what these people choose to share so it’s no difference me posting the most important person in my life. I don’t talk about M too much in real life as that’s different, I totally get that people just don’t want to hear about other kids as it’s just boring if they don’t mean anything to you.

However, if people don’t want to see it online I’d be totally happy for them to delete me. And I love seeing everyone’s baby pictures now because I totally get it! It’s good to be so proud. Oh I’m like a new woman, show me all the babies!

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