Ten Ways to Entertain the Kids for Free.

It really can cost an arm and a leg to keep kids entertained, so with the Easter holidays just around the corner I’ve come up with ten fun things to do with your little ones for next to nothing.

1. Visit a museum. Free museums are a great way to fill an entire day for free. School holidays mean a full schedule of free activities for kids such as puppet shows, story telling and art workshops. Visit your local museum’s website to find out what’s going on near you.

2. Do a science experiment. Launch a rocket, make gloop or bend water; hands on experiments are a great way to get little ones interested in science and lots can be done with stuff you’ve already got lying around the house. Visit http://www.sciencebob.com for inspiration.

3. Baking. Who doesn’t love cake? Whip up a batch of fairy cakes for cheap as chips and to resist temptation of eating the lot in one go like I usually do.. take them round to the neighbours or grandparents. A good opportunity for some adult conversation too!

4. Find a free festival. The summer months are full of free festivals, make the most of them! In our local park over summer we have an African festival, music festival and a food & drink festival and children go absolutely free. We make the most of the glorious weather by taking our own picnic or BBQ and it’s really nice to take advantage of our local area too.

5. Treasure hunt. Write a list of clues for your little ones to solve and hide them around the house or garden. Reward them with a little prize at the end, but again the prize doesn’t even have to cost anything such as a film with some sweets! If you’re wanting to get out and about, come up with a list of things you need to find around the park and tick them off as you go.

6. Visit a pet shop. A trip to the pet shop could be as fun as going to the farm and all for free! My son loves looking at all the fish in the tanks and the bunnies in their pens. Staff might even let you have a little cuddle too.

7. Go to the beach. Make up a picnic and head to the beach for the day. Even if the weather’s not great, we love to walk along the sand and tire out the toddlers little legs. Take a flask if it’s cold and enjoy a hot chocolate together.

8. Make a family book. Make up a scrapbook of family photos, ticket stubs, drawings and holiday souvenirs. It’s lovely to look back at all the fun things you’ve done. Your book could have a particular theme such as holidays or birthdays, or it could just be a collection of all your lovely memories.

9. Movie day. Grab the duvet, your favourite film and pop your own popcorn and snuggle up on the sofa. Perfect for a rainy day and I know my son is always really happy for some quality, undivided time together. Alternatively, check out your local cinema for cheap kids films as many do movie showings for as little as 99p on weekends.

10. Find a new park. If you’re bored of the same old park and it puts you off going, that’s no fun for anyone. Go for a drive and find a new one. It’ll be as exciting for you as it will for the kids!

What do you do to keep your children entertained on a budget? I’d love some new ideas.

Imogen x

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