Knowsley Safari Park, Pancakes and Cinderella #LittleLoves

I just cannot believe we’re in March already! Nearly my birfdayyyy. We’ve had some busy weekends these past few weeks; the winter months are so shit we’re trying to have loads of things planned to keep us busy and to look forward to.

We visited Knowsley Safari Park last Saturday which we all absolutely loved. I won’t go into detail as I feel it deserves it’s own blog post when I eventually get round to it. We had to buy him this weird mask because of how much it looks like an actual creepy face.

Here’s what else we’ve been up to this week..

We’ve just been to see Cinderella at the Lowry theatre, performed by Birmingham Royal Ballet’s dancers and orchestra. It was a fantastic performance and perfect for little ones. It was aimed at 3-7 year olds, so M was perhaps a little young but he loved clapping and cheering along and having a little dance. A great price at £10 each too. He spent half the show rooting through my bag for sweets so I spent most of it prising mini Chomps out of his tiny chocolatey hands. He met the dancers afterwards and was absolutely thrilled! 

I’d love to get him into dancing, he used to go to ballet but it was too strict for him. He just pissed about running rings round the little girls in tutus. We’ll try again in the future when his attention span is longer than that of a flea. 

I made a start on writing my eBook this week. I’ve almost finished so I’m hoping it’ll be available to purchase on Amazon soon! 

We made loads of pancakes on Tuesday, M’s first ever taste and they were a big hit. Sweet tooth like his greedy mother. A good half a jar of Nutella was consumed resulting in an extremely giddy toddler right before bed. You live and learn.

I’ve spent most of the week reading my own eBook, I can’t wait to get it done and move on to my next project. I love the money making/money saving aspect of my blog so I hope my readers enjoy reading it too, I’ll be concentrating on that a lot in the future. As much as I love writing about M, I love getting feedback that I’ve given good money advice and helped somebody out!

I’ve also read some fantastic comments from M’s nursery recently, I love how they report back at the end of his day and I know exactly what he’s eaten, what’s he played with and how long he’s slept (or not in his case). They even send us photos and videos! You’ve never felt pride like seeing your child learn new things and seeing how much he’s coming on makes me so so proud! He loves his nursery and they’re amazing with him. 

I’m going to see Olly Murs later in the month with my mum and sister, I sound about 14 years old but oh I love him. So I’ve been listening to him again so I don’t feel totally out of place among the teeny boppers! Not that I’ll be singing. I have to mime so I don’t get thrown out for being tone deaf.

I’ve been feeling really frumpy and  mumsy recently, I’m only 25 but never feel remotely glamorous. My money and efforts go into making M look fabby, he has a way better dress sense than me how sad. So as I’ve worn a minging mum bun for the past two years I’m on the look out for a new hairdressers. Thinking of going really short so I can’t resort to the safe bun every day. Staying loyal to my frugal ways, I’m gonna try and find somewhere looking for models and get myself a bargain!

Me and M have escaped to my mums again this weekend to get out of P’s hair and give him a little break. He’s been working so  hard so I’m sure he’s gonna be preeeetty grateful for a couple of lie ins and a day off from dens.

We’re heading out to a couple of baby boot sales hoping to pick up some bargains to resell on eBay. We’re both all out of stock so hopefully there’ll be some good finds!  

What have you been up to this week? 

Imogen x 

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I am loving that mask!! I hope you’ve a stronger mind than me when you find a hairdresser looking for models, I ended up with a graduated bob a few years ago, which also meant my hair decided to look like it had been treated to a perm….hmmmm. I hope the book writing continues to go well. #LittleLoves


  2. Oh no! No one ever does it how I want, it’s my own fault I’m too scared to tell them I don’t like it. The awkward moment when they show you in the mirror and you hate it! Thanks so much!


  3. What a jam pack Little Loves post! Great news on your ebook nearly being finished, very impressive.
    I’m a mum bun kind of girl too, but since having my hair dyed I’ve made a conscious effort not to do it as much. Hope you find a hairdresser you like and get a good deal – and a good cut too! xx


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