The Dummy’s Got to Go!

Five words I’ve been dreading.

“The dummy’s got to go”.

I knew it was coming but those five words literally made me feel like the world’s shittest mum in 0-5 seconds.

I took M for his second ever dentist appointment recently. He barely even opened his mouth before the dentist told me ‘the dummy’s got to go. Cut the teats off so you’re not tempted to give in. You’re a big boy now. Mummy will get you a big treat instead’. Ffs.

He told me how ‘it’s probably too late’ and how he’ll have bucked teeth for the rest of his life that braces won’t fix and I could have sobbed there and then. Dickhead. Thank God the appointment was free, all he did was spend five minutes telling me where I’m going wrong before sending me out the door with a red face and an excited toddler already picking out his big treat! I brush his teeth every darn morning and night. They’re white as a sheet doesn’t he know how much of an achievement that is with a stubborn two year old?!

I rang my mum and P straight away and burst into tears while they told me I haven’t ruined his life and I’m not a shit mum and the dentist is definitely exaggerating.

M has had a dummy since he was just a couple of weeks old. I didn’t have much knowledge about breastfeeding, I didn’t realise it was normal for him to feed so much in the early days and was told he’s ‘using you as a dummy’ or ‘he can’t still be hungry’. Not true. No he’s not using me as a dummy, he’s using his dummy as a boob. Yes it was possible he was still hungry even after feeding for the past three hours, that’s what babies do! I wish I’d have trusted my mummy instincts and never given him one in the first place. But here we are almost three years later and he loves his dummy more than life itself and it felt so cruel to take that away from him. It’d be like one day telling him no more boob!

However, he’s been absolutely amazing I can’t believe how well he’s taken it. I explained the dentist had to keep his dummy and send it away to the babies who need it more. He was ecstatic to find a present under his pillow the following morning for being such a big boy. He did and still does ask for it very occasionally but I’ll just remind him that was for when he was a baby and he’s so big now he doesn’t need it (it was only last month ha). He tells me ‘I’m a baby I need it’ God love him but soon forgets and is totally fine.

We did try a while ago to get rid but he just wasn’t ready. This felt like the right time for him and because I was so determined, I literally threw them in the bin on our way home from the dentist, we had no choice and it was done.

I don’t think we give him enough credit for how accepting and clever and brave and wise he is. He feels like such a little baby to me but he’s growing into a wonderful little boy, growing and changing every day.

I’m so proud of how well he let his dummies go and was nowhere near as hard as I thought!

Did you give dummies to your little ones? How did you manage to get rid?

Imogen x



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