Am I a Baby Bore?

The time has come to admit it. I’ll finally admit I’m a baby bore. I vowed I never would be but here we are almost three years later and my social media is flooded with photos of my son. In my pre-baby days, I’d actually hate to see other peoples’ kids on my newsfeed. Even…

Haigh Hall Country Park. 

We’ve had a fun filled few days visiting Mama again this weekend. As well as our theatre trip to see Cinderella ballet we visited Haigh Hall country park in Wigan and we all agreed it was a fantastic day out. I usually avoid anything that may attract a large gathering of children on weekends or…

Ten Ways to Entertain the Kids for Free.

It really can cost an arm and a leg to keep kids entertained, so with the Easter holidays just around the corner I’ve come up with ten fun things to do with your little ones for next to nothing. 1. Visit a museum. Free museums are a great way to fill an entire day for free. School…

Knowsley Safari Park, Pancakes and Cinderella #LittleLoves

I just cannot believe we’re in March already! Nearly my birfdayyyy. We’ve had some busy weekends these past few weeks; the winter months are so shit we’re trying to have loads of things planned to keep us busy and to look forward to. We visited Knowsley Safari Park last Saturday which we all absolutely loved….

The Dummy’s Got to Go!

Five words I’ve been dreading. “The dummy’s got to go”. I knew it was coming but those five words literally made me feel like the world’s shittest mum in 0-5 seconds. I took M for his second ever dentist appointment recently. He barely even opened his mouth before the dentist told me ‘the dummy’s got to go….