Unicorn Bark, Dance Moms & Winter Thermals #LittleLoves 

I’m feeling sorry for myself this week, I’ve had this cough for weeks and it’s driving me crazy. Why is it always worse at night! On the bright side I’ve had a super productive week; finally finished my tax return (nothing like cutting it fine!), got on top of the appointments I’ve needed to make and listed some more bits on eBay. All the boring stuff but I’d been putting it off for ages and it feels so good when it’s ticked off the list. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.



All I’ve read this week has been whatever’s been on my computer screen! I’ve been reading loads of tips about how to reduce your food bill, I’m such a mum, but that’s all I seem to be reading! I’m obsessed. There’s so many amazing blogs out there that I didn’t even realise until I started my own and I’m really into the money saving/money making ones right now. I’ll be letting you know how I get on with my money saving soon!



I’ve obviously been watching Celebrity Big Brother every single night as I mentioned in my previous Little Loves post I absolutely love it. I don’t know what the hell I’ll do when it finishes next week sob. I’ve also been watching many episodes of Dance Moms, am I awful?! P loves it just as much as I do and that’s how you know when you have a keeper. Also on the ‘watch’ theme, I managed to bag a £20 Cineworld voucher for £12 off Shpock so we’re off to watch Split tonight and I can’t wait. I’m usually quite reluctant to go to the cinema as it’s so damn expensive and we have a Firestick but you can’t grumble for 12 quid. Mama’s on duty and we might even be back after midnight! We’ve gone mad.



We’ve been stuck in waiting for a parcel this morning and M has been driving me up the wall, he’s not even really doing anything particularly annoying. It’s so hard to keep him entertained. I turned the kitchen upside down looking for cake baking ingredients, found a chocolate hen from last Easter with a best before of September 2016, gave it a quick sniff, all fine and Rice Krispie cakes it was. That killed a good ten minutes. I found some yoghurt in the fridge that needed using so we also made some unicorn bark. 



I spent Saturday catching up with friends who I’ve not seen since forever, we had the best time and it was just what I needed. I was introduced to the Amazon Echo and oh my God I am in love. It’s hands free with voice control and although I did feel like a bit of a dick having a conversation with a speaker, it’s so easy to use and looks fab. I’m 100% putting this on my birthday wishlist, if I can last til April.



All we’ve worn this week is our thermals, it’s bloody baltic, I’ve barely spent any time outdoors apart from a quick dash to the shops or the park. M still managed an ice cream at the park despite his bright red streaming nose and blue hands. I love wrapping him up in his winter knits though, I’m totally loving his Koolabah Kids sweater that I may have got in the end of season sale last year if I remember rightly. He’s living in it at the moment it’s so soft and cute. I’ve started stocking up his summer wardrobe, so glad P isn’t in when my parcels arrive, I just shove them in his drawers and he’ll never ever know as he doesn’t go in there ha.



We’re off to my mum’s again this weekend so I’ll be having a lie in on Saturday (thanks Mama) and I can’t bloody wait. Highlight of my weekend. I’m ready for a bit of sun now, I’m practically see through so it’s time I started dropping some hints to P. Hints along the lines of “shall we think about booking our holiday?”


What have you been up to this week? 

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  1. Ha ha never heard anyone else describe themselves as seethrough before – I live in a hot country and I’ve still not managed to master getting a tan! Love that unicorn bark – is it just frozen yogurt? I can recommend http://www.frugalfamily.co.uk for all things frugal if you haven’t discovered her yet. Cass is my go to frugal blogger and has been for about 8 years now. Enjoy your lay in and have a great time at your mums x


  2. Oh, I’d love a lie in – enjoy! The unicorn bark looks fab, such a good idea. There are so many great blogs that I can never keep up with them all. Enjoy your weekend xx


  3. Commenting on behalf of myself and Morgana this week: Oh enjoy your lie in at your moms wish I lived closer to my parents for visits. Loving the unicorn bark and I do the same the sniff test always works. Always great to keep your food cost down we are horrible as we live right next to grocery store so we go almost daily for something bad idea. lol Such adorable snaps of your little one too. Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for linking up. #littleloves


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