Why I Can’t Say No To My Toddler!

I have a real hard time saying no to my son. I know I need to put my foot down a bit more and his dad always reminds me it’s in his best interest to hear no sometimes but it’s my biggest weakness. Just look at that face.

If I let him have a biscuit I’ll get two minutes peace to scroll through Facebook or have a wee without him coming up to check on me. But then he’ll want more and kick off anyway so I needn’t have bothered giving him one in the first place. He wants everything he lays his eyes on, even throat lozenges he finds in the back of my drawer because he’s ‘got a cough’.

He’s that kid at the park with an ice cream in hat and scarf weather because I’ve not walked all that way to have to take him straight home for having a paddy.

I’m so conscious about M’s diet, we’re making a real effort to cut down on his snacks because he’d eat and eat all day if he could, especially ‘big treats’ which are things we’d much rather he not have, crisps, chocolate or cake!

That’s why I was so happy for him to try the Ella’s Kitchen organic snack range. He found them in the cupboard this morning and just had to have them in bed watching Dora the Explorer.

Made for ‘hungry monkeys from 12 months old’, there’s no added sugar or salt, no concentrates, additives or colourings and only naturally occurring sugars. He does love his fruit but I feel guilty for every ‘bad’ thing he eats so it’s nice to feel reassured that this range really is made with little ones in mind. They come in handy snack size bags, perfect to throw in his backpack for a trip to the park or as an emergency car snack.

There’s so many flavours to choose from so I’m confident he won’t get bored of these, he’s tried Cheese and Leek Crunchy Wheels, Carrot and Lentil Crunchy Sticks and Parsnip and Poppy Seed Savoury Biccies and it’s safe to say they’re all a huge hit! How amazing do those flavours sound?!

At less that 0.01g of salt per bag, they’re definitely going to replace his usual crisps. They’re a tad more expensive but I’m so glad it’s one less thing I have to say no about! It’s a big thumbs up from us!

Do you have a hard time saying no to your toddler? I’ll be happy to hear I’m not the only one!



In collaboration with Ella’s Kitchen.



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