Big Brother, Matched Betting & Elmer #LittleLoves

I’ve been counting down the days til the weekend this week as I’m really looking forward to spending a few days at my mum’s . We’ve had a breakthrough with M and he’s been a delight but I won’t count my chickens just yet. Here’s what we’ve been loving this week..

It comes to something when all you’ve got time to read is kids books. M is really into Elmer and Fred the Friendly Fireman right now so it’s those two books every single night! I’ve also been spending my free time reading other blogs hoping for some inspiration, as well as lots of different side hustles I can have a go at, which I touched on in a previous post. My finger is in many, many pies at the moment, as they say.

I’m totally into Celebrity Big Brother; I love the drama Kim has been causing although I can’t bear her. The age of her acting like that, makes me cringe. I want James C to win, I just feel a bit sorry for him! Another watch for me this week has been me constantly watching my eBay listings, I’m obsessed with checking my watches and bids, I’ve a few finishing today it’s so exciting! It gets addictive, I can’t wait to get some more stuff listed.

I haven’t made anything as such; although I’ve made some money through Zeek selling my unused gift cards. We’re saving up for Disney World so I’d rather have the dollar in my savings than a gift card in my purse that I’ll never use. Check it out via the app and use promo code 2AU9KPC7 for £5.00 on your first purchase. I’ve also made a few changes to my blog with the layout etc so I’m much happier with it as well as to my business website Milo and Monkey and got some new suppliers on board which is very exciting!

I’ve heard a lot Dora the Explorer the past couple of days as I haven’t been feeling well so it’s been Netflix to the rescue. On the plus side, I’ve noticed M talking so much more recently, his speech is a tad slow but I feel like he’s come on so much lately. We’ve made a few changes like no TV during the day and sitting at the table to eat dinner so we can talk properly and I really think that’s helped.

We’re thinking about moving house soon so we’re starting to finish the jobs on our current house that we’ve been putting off for nearly 3 years! Time to get the paintbrushes out once I’m feeling myself again, cover up the shoddy job I did when I was 8 and a half months pregnant! We’re also looking forward to going back to my mum’s again this weekend for a catch up with my good friends who I haven’t seen in forever. M will be with his mama so I’ll be getting pi-iiiissed.

Have a good weekend!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. I love Big Brother too, although I haven’t been watching this series. Perfect trashy TV! Enjoy your weekend xx


  2. It’s terrible but I’m addicted! Thank you, and you x


  3. Carie says:

    Good luck with the house jobs – we’re in the middle of selling ours and it’s a slippery slope – the more you do the more you see!!


  4. Oh that’s exactly it, I hate the whole process it’s such a pain. Good luck with yours!


  5. lisagraham1 says:

    Glad that things are getting better with M at the moment. Exciting that you’re looking to move house I hope you find something nice soon.


  6. Morgana says:

    We’re in a similar position house wise and the jobs just keep mounting up! Hope you had a fun weekend! xx


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