Not so Blue Monday.

Yesterday was officially known as the most depressing day of the year, or ‘Blue Monday’. Most of us have probably failed our New Years Resolution by now (read why I never bothered making one in the first place).  It’s freezing, we’ve fallen off the diet wagon and got mothballs in our purses. 

I was pretty much dreading the beginning of a new week with M and his new attitude.

I’ve been close to tears with him these past couple of weeks; he’s a grumpy pain in the backside and I’ve can’t be arsed being a parent right now. I’m fed up of reasoning with a two year old.

I touched on this in a previous post about how all he really wants is our complete attention, that’s just not possible as we have actual stuff to do like putting the washing on or tidying his toys away 24/7. I always feel guilty that even though we play together I’m not really there. I get distracted so easily with emails, social media, texts and he doesn’t often get my absolute undivided attention.

However, yesterday we had a revelation.

I switched my phone off and actually gave him my undivided attention all day. I admit I had a million things on my mind that I needed to do when he was in bed but I just can’t believe the difference in his behaviour. We played Play Doh, read books, cooked lunch together and sat at the table to eat, went to the park and played a board game. The TV was off all day, I didn’t find myself clock watching for his dad to get home and save me, I loved every minute and I could truly tell he appreciated our time together.

I remembered what a happy, funny, gorgeous boy he is and it was right in front of me all the time. He still wouldn’t get in the bath or go to bed without tears but you can’t have it all.

So I’ve made a promise now my phone will be away whenever we’re playing together, it’s unnecessary to have it stuck to my hand like I used to. I won’t stick him in front of the TV when I want to get stuff done; he loves to get involved helping me cook or sweep up even if it takes us a little longer to do it. I feel like I got my happy boy back!

So much for Blue Monday!



Imogen x


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