Life Changing.

Over New Year I’ve been thinking a lot about what I need to do to be happier going forward; it’s the best time for reflection, to realise what’s working for me and what’s not.

I’ve been blaming myself and feeling quite guilty that I haven’t seen some friends in such a long time but I’ve actually realised I make all the effort with some people and get absolutely nowhere.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I haven’t seen or barely even heard from some once close friends since I’ve had M and it’s not through lack of effort. Why do some people think once you’re a mum you can’t have a laugh or go out anymore? I’m the same person just with a little person in my pocket.

This is the time when I need friends the most. When I’m desperate for adult conversation, sick of responsibilities and tearing my hair out with the long nights and early mornings and need to let it all out over a coffee or double vodka.

Anyone who doesn’t have kids probably thinks you don’t want all that anymore, M is quite obviously my world but there’s more to me than that. Fair enough most of the time I’m in my pyjamas by half 6 but sometimes I just want to dance round my handbag and crawl home after one too many quadvods.

Having a child really is life changing and sometimes I long for a taste of life before parenthood. It’s SO true you find out who your real friends are once you have kids. So my New Years Resolution is to care less, if people don’t want to make an effort then it’s their loss 🙂

Imogen x

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