2017 Bucket List.

One of my many aims of 2017 is to get out more, plan ahead and do fun things as a family. We always find ourselves racking our brains on a Saturday morning for somewhere to go and by the time we’ve decided and I’ve spent two hours getting ready, half the day’s gone!

I’ve got my little list now of places I want us to visit to make sure we have an eventful and fun 2017 and I’m really gonna try to plan ahead.

Book a holiday abroad.
Visit Peppa Pig World.
Visit Cadbury’s World.
Get out for some fresh air every day.
Go to Center Parcs.
Do more baking and arts & crafts.
Go swimming at least once per month.
Take more photo’s together. (Me & Mine Project)
Start saving for Disney World.


The Me and Mine Project

I’ve got my own little list, some of the boring stuff, but I love to see it written down because it’ll mean I have to do it!

Save a little bit of money every month for Christmas.
Watch Les Mis in London.
Eat healthier and exercise more.
Finish the KonMari process.

Has anyone else set themselves a 2017 Bucket List?

Imogen x

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