Hello January.

We all know January is just the worst; most of us are probably fat, skint or fed up. I’m all three and currently working my way through a share size Galaxy so I’ve not entered 2017 any more determined than I left 2016. We’re three days in and I’ve made no attempt to set a New Years Resolution. To be honest, I’m not bothering, it only makes me feel shit when I fail so I’ll save myself the disappointment.

Although I’m not putting anything down on paper, I know I need to move more, we need to spend more time together as a couple and I need to be more focused. I just won’t be too hard on myself and knowing this is what I need for my own wellbeing means maybe it’ll come naturally.

I’ve started by setting myself daily, weekly and monthly ‘tasks’, whether it’s cleaning the kitchen cupboards, sending an email or buying a birthday present, I feel loads more focused and productive seeing it all written down and ticked off.

This month’s goal is to sign up for the gym; P has started a new job much closer to home meaning I’ll have a lot more time to myself in the evening. Now I’ve no excuse not to get my arse off the sofa. Sob. I know I’ll feel better when I do but the thought of it doesn’t excite me one bit.. I’ll only come home and throw myself into the Christmas chocolate cupboard so it seems a bit pointless already but I must be positive.

So here’s to an exciting, positive and healthy 2017. I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring. Have you set yourself a resolution? I’d love to hear!

Imogen x

P.s please check out my new Instagram @imogen_lethimbelittleblog I wanted to put some faces behind these posts so I’d love it if you could give me a follow!



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