Christmas Prep.

With Christmas just 5 days away (!!) preparation is in full swing, all M’s 5 million presents have been wrapped and put away since October and I’m nearing the bottom of my second tub of Celebrations.

I might have gone a little overboard with his presents this year but I’ve been bargain hunting since July and just not been able to resist buying more and more. Oops. I’m thinking of spreading out the present opening across a couple of days or he’ll be way too giddy.

I love love love this time of year; the music, Christmas tree and the lovely warm lights and all the foooood.

We’re going to do a little party for M on Christmas Eve with some party games for him and little buffet, just a nice way to make the celebrations last longer. He’ll also have his Christmas Eve box which I have absolutely loved putting together for him, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve included incase anyone is after any very last minute inspiration!

So the actual box itself was from TK Maxx last year, it was around £10 which I think is a steal as it’s huge and we use it to store decorations in from one year to the next.



New pyjamas on Christmas Eve are an absolute must, I just picked up this super cheap pair from B&M. They’re George Pig and that’s enough for my Peppa obsessed kidder. I think they were only about £5 and not even shit quality. Bargain.



I also couldn’t resist matching George slippers, for just £6 from Sainsbury’s. I got the size up so they’ll last even though they’ll probably look like flippers on him.



I explained the concept of Father Christmas coming down the chimney to deliver presents which totally freaked M out, so I thought I’d include a Santa key in his box. Although, on reflection, it’s no more creepy than the thought of him letting himself in through the front door. It’s sweet anyway and can save it for the years to come even if he doesn’t quite get it yet. I got that here.


I’ve been after something personalised from him to Santa but he’s got a ridiculous amount of plates and cups so we went for this wooden board style. It’s absolutely fantastic quality, so I know we’ll be able get it out year after year. The only thing I’m not sure on is what to leave out for Santa because I can’t bear mince pies. We got that from here. I also found this cute little porcelain dinosaur egg cup for him to use for his brekky, he loves dinosaurs so I think he’s gonna love it. He’s got about 5 egg cups that he never uses but I couldn’t resist this.



I’ve been looking for the perfect book for his bed time story for ages and as soon as I saw this I knew it was the one. The Snowman is one of my favourite Christmas films I absolutely love it so I can’t wait to read it with him. I hate reading boring books to him again and again and I might have been known to skip pages before. I’m awful I know. I got this in Waterstones for about £8; it comes with an audio CD which we have been listening to in the car. So cute.



It wouldn’t be complete without a chocolate treat so I’ve included this set of mini Milkybar characters. They’re only tiny which is perfect as he’s just like his mum, can’t say no to chocolate and probably want all three. I wanted to put hot chocolate in there but he has it most days anyway so figured it’s not much of a treat. screenshot_2016-12-20-18-09-30-1

We’ve done none of the important stuff, so far we’ll be sharing two bottles of Schloer and a box of mint Matchmakers for dinner and the house is a tip but as long as his box is done..

I hope it’s given you some ideas to do your own.

Next on my ‘to do’ list is planning some games for our Christmas Eve party so if anyone has any ideas for a 2 year old and family, please let me know!

Imogen x


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