9 Thoughts About Life With My Toddler.

#1 I’m tired all the time.

Apart from the few times he’s slept out, we could count the number of uninterrupted nights sleep we’ve had on one hand. He takes ages to get to sleep every night, asking to come downstairs, asking for a drink, pretending he’s done a poo or when he’s desperate, asking for daddy.
And then when he is asleep, he wakes at least once to come into bed with us and then has never ever heard of a lie in.
As soon as he’s awake, like literally within seconds, he wants make dens or put Paw Patrol on which burns my eyes and I can’t even see but he’s not arsed.
Then he doesn’t stop all day; as I say his favourite game is dens at the moment and it’s so boring my heart sinks when he asks but he does bloody love it so I play along (semi) enthusiastically – then getting him out the house so he doesn’t climb the walls, answering endless questions, making him endless meals, and so on.
A day with him is literally exhausting. So true that a parent’s happy hour is the hour between your kid’s bedtime and your own!

#2 I’m not a mind reader.

He may think I’m superwoman, but I still haven’t mastered the art of mind reading. I should know that when he asks for Rice Krispies he means toast or when he asks for Peppa Pig he means Paw Patrol. This is why I ask him several times if he’s sure but I still get it wrong.

#3 Tantrums in public are still really embarrassing.

I’m not really bothered any more about being judged with regards to parenting. People will judge whatever you do so I don’t get caught up on it but his public tantrums are so embarrassing because I hate drawing attention to us.
It’s impossible to get him in his pram if he doesn’t want to go in, we have to practically bend his stiff body in half with our knee to get him in, arms and legs and shopping bags flailing everywhere, pram tips upside down it’s bloody chaos sometimes and makes me cringe and go bright red and sweaty.
I don’t care if people think I’m dealing with it all wrong I just hate people watching. Hopefully they’re just busy feeling sorry for me.

#4 I’m not qualified.

I feel so under qualified for motherhood. Why is there no training? I’ve birthed this little 8lb 10 squidgy alien, had it thrust into my arms and shoved out the door.
We’re literally making it up as we go along and we won’t even know if we’ve got it right until he’s a man and normal and not killed anyone.
I like to think I’m doing OK but how does every other mum seem so mature and together and qualified?

#5 I miss him so much when we’re not together.

A cutesy one, I miss him sooo much when he’s at nursery or sleeping out or at his grandparents and I even spend my time looking at photos of him.
I can never fully relax when he’s not with me as I’m always thinking about him hoping he’s having a nice time and eating and not getting picked on, so it’s always a relief when I get him back even though he’s a little shit within about ten minutes and my blood pressure is back up there through the roof.
I’m about to get him from nursery this minute and this is the point I wish I’d have appreciated the silence a bit more!

#6 I can’t imagine ever loving another.

If we do go on to have another baby, I can’t even imagine how I’d love it like I love M.
How do I share my love?
He’s literally perfect and it breaks my heart to think of him having to share it with a new baby. It’s hard enough with Phoebe the rabbit. I think he thinks I love her more than him and that’s why he hates her.

#7 Nothing can prepare you.

I’ve written about this in another post but I was the perfect parent before I was one.
I had all these ideas; I would never let my kid drink juice, never let him eat junk, never go up and downstairs while he cries because he doesn’t want to go to sleep (which is exactly what I’m doing now). You never, ever know what you’re gonna be like as a parent until the time comes. Sometimes you need to just pick your battles, a little juice every so often never killed anyone.

#8 I never have any time to do ‘me’ stuff.

I’m desperate to get back to the gym and swimming, I loved going to Zumba classes before I had M but now I’ve just literally got no time; it means finding childcare for a couple of hours when I want to go which isn’t very likely.
It’s hard to feel like yourself when you’re a mum and can’t do things you want to do and I think it’s very important to make time. Which is what I am going to do in the New Year as the orange peel is starting to creep in on the ol’ thighs and I’m sure my tummy is getting rounder.

#9 It’s the most rewarding ‘job’ you’ll ever do.

You’ll never have a job more rewarding than parenthood; it’s actually the best thing ever seeing your little person come on more and more every day. I pick him up from nursery and he seems older than he was when I dropped him off, he tells me when he’s happy or sad now and says more and more new words every day. His clothes are getting smaller week by week and he’s becoming interested in new things all the time.
It’s a fantastic feeling seeing him do so well and his little personality developing.

What would you add to the list?

Imogen x




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  1. momlifetalk says:

    My toddler acts up every time we go to the grocery store if he doesn’t get what he wants. I hate drawing attention to myself and I feel like EVERYONE just stops and stares. I always feel like when I try to scold him for being naughty it gets worse 😳


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