Our New Addition.

I wanted to welcome our new addition to the Let Him Be Little family.

P finally gave in and let us get a pet! He’s very reluctant to change and as he isn’t a pet person I planted the seed a few months ago and mentioned it every single day since to ease him into the idea, and suggested a goldfish. Work my way up from there. We did consider a dog briefly but they’re too much work for us right now and I’m too lazy to walk it.

I love the idea of M growing up with animals, we always did; we had dogs, rabbits, fish, hamsters.

So off we went to a well known pet store (who I won’t be naming as they gave us terrible customer service more than once!!) to look at fish which M was not interested in whatsoever. He was more bothered about the plants in the water and was furious I wouldn’t let him put his hand in and get one so we had to quickly scoop his tantruming body off the floor and leave.

He clearly wasn’t interested in the fish and I knew I’d get bored of it straight away anyway because lets face it, boring as shit. I turned my sights on a rabbit.

After weeks of convincing and then researching, I contacted some mini lop breeders and bought a hutch so P couldn’t say no hehehe.

We picked our little girl up on Friday and I am in love. She’s the cutest thing, shits all over me though and P is scared of her but so far so good.

I couldn’t wait to see what M was like with her; it’s tricky as he wants to carry her and stroke her but he forgets he’s holding her when something else distracts him so I have to swoop in and grab her which makes him mad. He said he doesn’t like her and tried to hit her with a carrot so I have to keep a close eye but hopefully over time he’ll get used to her. I think he’s jealous because I give her lots of attention and he’s not used to sharing me. He does like petting her and talks about her so I’m feeling confident about their relationship.

I think this must be what it’s like with a new born, Phoebe has shown me I’m definitely not ready to be a mum of two.

Imogen x


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