A Breastfed Toddler.

There’s no way I could do a blog without a little breastfeeding related post, M’s favourite extra-curricular activity.

We’ve always had a lovely breastfeeding relationship; if I don’t think about the first six toe-curling weeks, when it felt like a little rat was chewing on my bloody nips. (Yeah, there was actual blood and it was horrendous. Whoever says it doesn’t hurt is a liar) and my boobs were bigger than my head and soaked me through whenever he cried. But boy am I glad we persevered because it’s so worth it! We make the best boobie tag team.

There are so many benefits of breastfeeding a toddler: nutrition, security, comfort, reassurance. So I’ve always said I’ll allow M to wean naturally, whenever he’s ready. We’re child-led in many things we do, so no reason for this to be any different. Natural weaning age is around two and a half to seven years old, and with M just turned two we could be on the road for a while longer.

Little boy (2-3) with bare chest, arms up, portrait

He asks for milky from literally the moment he opens his eyes to the moment he goes to sleep at night. And every minute that we’re together inbetween. And it drives me crazy. Maybe it’s my own fault because I know it’ll buy us a good hour longer in bed and I’m really not a morning person. 

I can’t express how much I detest people who say mums only breastfeed older children for their own benefit. They can’t let go. What part of hearing ‘mummy, mummy, mummy’ 395 times a day, having my top pulled down in public, having to twist myself into ridiculous feeding positions in bed, having people say ‘oh you’ll be feeding him at school at this rate’, do you think I like? How in any way, shape or form is that for me?

But, if he is still feeding at school, so what? It’s his favourite thing in the entire world and without blowing my own trumpet, with his favourite person, too. That time we have together is so precious and it won’t last forever. It can stop his tears, calm his temper, send him to sleep, soothe his ouchie. I’m so embarrassed that a few years ago I’d read about a child who ‘still’ breastfed age 6 and be so weirded out but now I know it’s not weird at all. It’s the most natural thing in the world and it’s none of our bloody business!

M isn’t clingy, he can go to sleep without me and Daddy’s cuddles are sometimes enough, but it’s his little comfort blanket and I’m fine with that.We’re discrete, I don’t flash my tits around or make anyone look. I’m doing what boobs are there for – my child. My son is a healthy, happy, confident little boy so I think I’ll keep doing what I’m doing 😉

Imogen x






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