My Little Angel.

Since starting my blog I’ve been feeling a tiny bit guilty. Maybe I’m focusing too much on the bad bits of motherhood; the lack of sleep, the shitty nappies, the supermarket tantrums. Or the every other place tantrums as we don’t take him shopping anymore, we’re not daft.
As much as I want to look back and laugh about how hard it was, I obviously want to remember all the amazing things about M, too.

He goes through phases of being a real angel or a total shit 24/7. He’s being about 70% angel at the moment, his company is amazing and I miss him when we’re not together.

Maybe I’m just letting him have his own way more because I’m too tired to fall out and he loves me more for it. We’re all winners.

His speech has come on so much recently, possibly thanks to starting nursery or possibly just because he was a slow coach and had to start talking eventually –  but I could have a horrendous day at work but when I come home and make him tell me he loves me it honestly all goes away.

Or when I ask him who is his best friend and he says “mummy”. Or when he shouts me from downstairs because Adele is on the radio and he knows she’s my favourite. Or when he offers me bites of his food, he’s so good at sharing. It really is like we’re best friends because he knows me and what I like and is always happy to see me.

We have our cuddles in bed in a morning, we eat our breakfast together, we walk to nursery and home again together, we play, we chat while he has his tea, we try and pour water over each others heads in the bath. We read a bedtime story together then he takes the piss out of me for two hours having me up and down the stairs while he won’t go to sleep. But then when he’s finally asleep we both can’t resist sneaking in to coo over him. We dance on Fridays to celebrate the weekend. We sing songs about our family which he absolutely pisses himself at. We jump out from behind the door to scare each other. He’s at my favourite age so far, we have so much fun and I can scare him without making him cry.

Without sounding like a total cheeseball, I can’t even express how amazing he is and it’s easy to take him for granted and complain and put everyone else off having kids with my horror stories but he’s so worth it.

He’s just spent two nights at his Mama’s and I’ve spent the whole time talking about him, asking about him and scrolling through photo’s of him.

So despite what it may sound like, it’s not all bad. I’ve got a best friend for life. Until he leaves home at 16 because he can’t bear me cos I’m clingy.

Imogen x




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