Mum Friends.

I’ve had the same group of mum friends since we were all about 7 months pregnant and so far we’ve probably ticked every child related box that you can think of: natural birth, caesarean section, home birth, water birth, breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, cosleeping, babywearing, stay at home, part time, full time. Between us, we’ve done it all.

After M was born, some days I didn’t want to leave the house. I’d sit in bed with my greasy hair, eating a full box of Jaffa Cakes with my newborn stuck to my boob. I loved it. And then other days M couldn’t bear the thought of sitting in his bouncer for another day, watching me watch episode after episode of Dexter. So on these days we’d have a wash and meet our friends for coffee. And cake obviously. No wonder I gained 2 stone.

At 23 I was relatively young when I had M and I didn’t really know anyone with a baby. We all got that if you’d had a shit night’s sleep the night before then it was totally ok not to go along, or turning up an hour late didn’t matter. We didn’t have to pretend we enjoyed the soft play part of blogphoto18a soft play date and made our meeting place decision pretty much on where did the nicest cake. It was probably luck that we were all on the same page because some mums are real judgemental bitches but we were and it was great (on the same page I mean, not judgemental bitches!) We were living in our baby bubble while everyone else went to work and enjoyed their lives. Kidding! Mum friends just get it.

We survived the baby stage and our littles have just turned two; we’re all still in touch and meet up as often as work and family commitments allow it. We’re on to the next stage of parenting together: terrible twos, potty training and new siblings (having new babies to cuddle has done absolutely zero favours for my ridiculous broodiness, Mr LHBL will be thrilled.) My favourite thing is knowing our babies have been friends since birth, whether they want to or not but that feels special.

I honestly couldn’t recommend joining a local NCT antenatal course enough. I joined mostly for the social aspect and I’m sure I’d have really struggled without them, especially in those first few months where you don’t have a bloody clue what you’re doing. But at least you’re in it together.

Imogen x


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  1. Laura says:

    Our little gang definitely got me through some tough days. I feel lucky to have met such a lovely group of people who all make different parenting choices but respect each other’s decisions. And everyone needs plenty of cake in their lives!


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